Discord was initially designed for the gaming community in 2015. However, over the past year, this platform has grown into something much bigger than that. Nowadays, there are more than 250 million users worldwide that communicate through this software application. So, what is Discord and why should you start using it today?

What is Discord?

Discord is a freeware IP application. This means that this app solely works through the internet, using your specific IP address. Within each chat channel, there is the ability to communicate through text messages, voice messages, videos, images, and gifs.

The intention behind Discord was to create a platform for gamers so that they could communicate in real-time without lag. Contrary to Skype, which is also accessible within the gaming community, Discord is not a video calling software but rather a messaging service.

Why you should use Discord

Discord has plenty of perks for both gamers and non-gamers. Here are some reasons why you should start using Discord in your daily life!

It’s customizable

When you start using Discord, you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable username that isn’t already taken. Since the system automatically adds a unique four-digit code behind each username, you can pick any name you like!

On your account, but also in the chats, you can customize the layout to suit your interests and needs. For instance, you can create or download a specific theme and add it to your page.

You can join multiple servers

On Discord, a server is actually a bit like a group chat. Each server often has a specific theme or interest the members in there enjoy. So, if you are really into World of Warcraft, then you can join a server aimed explicitly at that game. However, if you also want to join the Star Wars server, you can do so too.

You can even create your own server and invite your friends to join you. Perhaps your friend group has a server dedicated to your group activities. In that case, it acts like a WhatsApp chat, but with more customizable options.

It’s secure

There are always people roaming around with bad intentions, but Discord has a practical solution: you can decide who can or who cannot communicate with you. If someone is harassing you, you can report and block them.

If you own a server, you can decide who is allowed to join your server. If that seems like to much work, you can also add a bot to the server to block or delete everyone that doesn’t follow the rules.

Lastly, since Discord is used by so many different people, there is always a chance of finding an NSFW profile (not safe for work). If you are one of those people, you can mark your profile with an ‘NSFW’ label. If you do not want to see NSFW people, you can make sure that the filter stops people with such a label from seeing you.

Discord is versatile

Rather than having to use one specific website or one particular app, Discord works on multiple platforms. For instance, you can download the Discord app on your phone or on your laptop, while you can also just use a web browser to participate in the chats.

Both the website and the applications have a dark and light theme. You can choose whichever one you prefer to see.

If you want to set up a server with thousands of people, that is not a problem either as the Discord servers support the massive amount of people within one single chat. Remember that Discord was designed for gamers, so it has a high capacity to prevent lagging and delays.

It’s free

While Skype is also a (mainly) free service, plenty of other apps are not. Discord is one of the few that offers so many advantages without charging for them. Some avatars or color schemes may cost a few dollars, but the usage for which the platform was designed stays entirely free for use for everyone.

Downsides to Discord

Of course, a free program can’t be all sunshine and butterflies. Even Discord has a few disadvantages to it. However, these are only small things that are easy to get past on the app.


No, not actual trolls, but people who like to annoy others. Those are called trolls. Sometimes, they spam a server with nonsense, racist, or sexist comments. The best way to get rid of them is by blocking and/or reporting them.

Your data is on their servers

While you can create your personal servers, your data will still be stored on Discord’s central servers. Most people won’t mind this, but some do. However, there are plenty of other websites and apps that use the same storage formula.


Now that you’ve read all about Discord, are you ready to make an account and start chatting? You’ve read about the pros and the cons; now it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to use this piece of software today. We can only tell you so much about the program, the rest you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Happy chatting!