When it comes to dating, the internet has plenty to offer. Dating apps to match with others wherever you are, dating sites for the LGBTQ+ community, dating sites directed at people from a particular religion or nationality, you name it!

However, even when you’ve already formed a couple with your special someone, you can be looking for something extra to add to your relationship. Why don’t you dive into the world of Swinging?

What is Swinging?

For starters, swinging is a term for the activities of sexual nature that couples perform with each other. It’s an excellent way for couples to explore their dynamic and sexuality differently than with just the two of them. However, it’s not an entirely black and white definition. For example, you could just flirt and kiss with another couple and call it swinging, or you can go all the way and still call it swinging.

Swinging often involves swapping partners between two or more couples. If you want to go all the way, you call this a full swap. If you prefer to stick to kissing and maybe oral pleasure, you can call this a soft swap. You are free to decide whether you want to stay in the same room or move to different places.

A common misconception is that swinging is advanced cheating. It’s not. Swinging is namely an activity that’s only performed by consenting members in a relationship. If your partner doesn’t want to go swinging, you simply don’t. Swinging should not be the main occupation of your relationship, it’s an extra.

An excellent analogy for this is a brownie: brownies are great and fulfilling. However, sometimes you like to add caramel on top of your brownie as an extra. You can still enjoy the brownie without caramel, but it’s a little something to treat yourself.

How do you introduce the topic to your partner?

When you want to go swinging, both you and your partner must be fully updated on what swinging is. When people are misinformed, it’s easy to be repelled by the thought of having to “share” your partner. Therefore, it’s essential to ask them about their opinion on swinging first. If you notice that there are misconceptions, you can try to inform them about the actual meaning behind swinging.

Then, if you feel like your partner is open to it, you can ask how they think about swinging and if they would be open to trying it. Make sure to keep everything lighthearted. Nothing is set in stone, there are no musts.

If your partner is not interested, you can ask why, but it’s best to leave the subject. They probably have their reasons for not wanting to go swinging and pushing them will only cause harm in the relationship. Instead, focus on things you can do together that you both enjoy.

Swinging in the online world

Now, you’re probably wondering how you can go swinging in the online world as it’s mostly a physical activity. Well, you still need to find other couples to swing with, right?

You can find plenty of online dating sites dedicated to people in the swinging community. Depending on your location, you can register for a website of your choice. A free way to get in contact with other couples is by looking at online platforms like Reddit. They have a specific subreddit dedicated to swinging couples. You can post an advertisement there in which you explain what you’re looking for.

Setting up an online profile

Setting up a swinging profile works the same as any other dating profile. You post a few attractive photos of you and your partner, and you write a compelling description.

In this description, you can add your experience level, what you wish to achieve, what you would like to try, and a little bit about your relationship. Keep it lighthearted yet exciting. If you are open to experimenting with the same gender even though you identify as straight, put it in there! There are plenty of people wanting to experiment with you.

If you want to stay private, you can crop your head or any other identifying items from your pictures. However, most websites and apps are reasonably private. They often only allow members to view other profiles. Some sites also allow you to create a private album with a password. You can add more revealing photos in there and only give the password to couples you want to meet.

Helpful tips

If you’re new to swinging, it may be beneficial to read some tips before starting. First of all, always make sure you set up a list of rules between you and your partner. What don’t you want to do with another couple, and what is allowed?

Be honest with each other. There is nothing more arousing than being able to talk openly about your fantasies, but you also need to be able to tell each other when you aren’t enjoying yourself anymore.

Always pick a couple you have a spark with. This spark means that you should all be attracted to each other and that you can hold a conversation. Some couples are only in it for the sex, others like to have a drink and talk before and afterward.

For your first time swinging in a club, make sure you have no plans with other couples yet. Explore the rooms, have a drink and enjoy each other’s company. If you happen to meet an attractive couple, you can take it further. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with being with just the two of you for the night.

Remember that sometimes the spark is not there. Maybe another couple isn’t interested, or perhaps you don’t enjoy swinging as much as you’d thought. This is entirely normal. Just take it slow and only do things you feel comfortable doing.


Now you’ve learned what swinging is, and how you can find other swinging couples online. Know that swinging is only fun when it’s between four or more consenting adults. Never do things you don’t want to do, and don’t force others to join you. Let them decide for themselves. Happy swinging!