About Us

Chattoday.com connects you to genuine people, regardless of place or platform. Talk to a Norwegian college student on Snapchat, or a bus driver in San Francisco on Skype. It’s up to you.

We’re almost always online these days. It’s a great way to learn new skills, fact check, and get the news right as it happens. Using social media is by far one of the most popular ways people spend their time on the internet. There are countless sites to connect with your friends, family, or old classmates; it’s even becoming common for large companies to have their own private social networks.

But what about connecting to the billions of internet users you don’t know, across the globe or across the street? There’s a literal world of experiences, opinions, and personalities that, even in an increasingly connected society, the social media giants make no effort to put you in touch with. So, we decided to do just that with Chattoday.com.

Here’s how it works

Sign up with us and build a profile — making sure to let other users know your interests and your reasons for using chattoday.com — and link your preferred social media accounts. You can post a submission or wait for people to find you. Once you connect with someone, you can use whichever platform you like to chat with them. Don’t have any social media or messaging accounts? That’s fine, too. We have a fully functional chat app on-site.

Sign up with us today and start connecting with fun, exciting people you won't meet anywhere else on the internet.